Under the leadership of Jagath Sumathipala, ACBC collaborated with the Archaeological Department on several projects to ensure the preservation of the Buddhist archaeological heritage and passing of this invaluable historical legacy to the succeeding generations.

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Preservation of Archaeological Heritage

  • A visit to inspect and assess the current condition of the artifacts at the Ahatuwawa Diwulgane Village in the North Western Region while drawing the attention of the Department of Archaeology to their archaeological value and the need to take steps to conserve these artifacts in good order.

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  • In January 2009, Jagath Sumathipala made arrangements to preserve and donate an “Asanagaraya” which is over 1200 years old and located in Halmillavatiya, Yakawewa Anuradhapura.

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  • Jagath Sumathipala led an expedition comprising several Archaeologists to the Wijayarama sacred area in Anuradhapura which holds a significant historical and archeological value.

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A special Felicitation ceremony was held at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute in 2013 to honour Jagath Sumathipala, then President of the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress in appreciation of his untiring efforts and valuable services rendered towards the preservation of Sri Lanka’s rich archaeological legacy.

The award was presented by the then Minister of National Heritage, Prof. Jagath Balasuriya.

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